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Women Who Win


I am a Missionary!

1. I am a missionary and so I work for God and not for an organisation. Though I am under the discipline of an organisation, whatever I do, I do with the fear of God. God is my Master and so I subject myself to the leaders. I quell any rebellious spirit that arises within me. I will always strive to do what is right (Rom 13:1-5).


2. I am a missionary and so I will be bold to speak the gospel. I am dedicated to spread the good news and nothing will stop me from doing that. I will not hesitate to carry Gospel literature wherever I go. I will not give up easily on any soul. Soul-winning shall be my passion. I will set a target and strive to achieve it (Eph 6:19).


3. I am a missionary and so I will be active. I will not be lazy. I will be a hard worker. I will show results. I will not hesitate to walk or travel or sweat. I will send my periodical reports on time. I will not give excuses. I will be careful to work at least eight hours a day (Jn 9:4).


4. I am a missionary and so I will not complain. I will not complain about my allowances, housing, hardships, food, transfer or anything. If I need any clarification, I will politely discuss with the leaders. I will praise God for the hardships. I face them remembering the life of Jesus, Paul and early missionaries (Phil 2:14).


5. I am a missionary and so I will keep my conscience clear. I will keep careful account of the money entrusted to me and never misappropriate it. I will not write false reports, cheat the leaders or tell lies. I will lead an honourable life before God and before man. I will accept corrections humbly (Acts 24:16).

6. I am a missionary and therefore I will take care of my family. I want my family to be a model to the nonchristians among whom we live. Therefore I will not neglect my family responsibilities. I will spend enough time with my spouse and children and see that love, respect and joy reign our home (1 Tim 3:4,5).


7. I am a missionary and so I will expect miracles. I will pray for miracles. I expect miraculous conversions and other miracles too. I will claim God’s promises for miracles. I will boldly pray for the sick, and help them medically too. I will not be discouraged if I witness no miracles but believe, pray and go ahead (Acts 4:29,30).


8. I am a missionary and so I will not seek comforts. I will not become a burden for the organisation but rather be a blessing. I will lead a sacrificial life. I will look for a humble house and lead a simple life. I will collect money for the organisation and give to it from my own allowance also (2 Cor 11:26,27).


9. I am a missionary and I will not fear persecution because my reward on high will be great. Persecution will not stop me from doing ministry. If I cannot work in one place, I will go to another place and another, till the Lord leads me to an open door. Knowing that hard times are ahead, I will make use of every opportunity to preach the Gospel (2 Cor 11:23-25).


10. I am a missionary and so I cannot afford to have relationship problems. I will be humble, give up, show love, forgive and forget, walk the second or even the third mile to repair a broken relationship. I will be transparent to my coworker

 and easy to live with (1 Cor 13). If I am given an administrative responsibility.I will not raise myself above the missionaries under me but continue to be their brother, showing all love, concern and understanding.


11. I am a missionary and so I will marry only a person interested in serving God. I will not fall for money or succumb to pressure. I will wait patiently till the Lord brings me the right person. When I marry I will love and respect my partner till death do part us (2 Cor 6:14).


12. I am a missionary and therefore I will take care of my personal life more than others. I will never forget my Bible meditation or Prayer Hour in the name of ministry. I will lead a life above reproach. I will put to practice what I read and grow everyday in my spiritual life. Like Paul, should I not be able to say. “Follow me, as I follow Christ”? (1 Tim 4:12).



   Address for Correspondence & Contributions:

Lilian Stanley
13 Church Colony
Vellore 632006, India
Tel: +91 9843511943
Email: lilianstanley@gmail.com

Blessing Youth Mission

Home & NRE donors

Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 10545849472
Bank - State Bank of India
Branch Name - Siruthozhil,Vellore
Branch Code - 007274
IFSC No - SBIN0007274
MICR Code - 632002012

Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 420010000482
Bank - Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch Name - Kalinjur
Branch Code - 008770
IFSC Code - KKBK0008770
MICR Code - NA

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Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 1074703964
Bank - Central Bank of India
Branch Name - Vellore
IFSC No - CBIN0280887
MICR Code - 000016000

Gulf Donors

A/c NAME - T. Prince Stachys Ravindran
A.c No - 35374362080
Bank - State Bank of India
Branch Name: Siruthozhil, Vellore
IFSC No: SBIN0007274