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Women Who Win

Diligence Pays


Ragu was very jealous of the humble minister, Ragavan and complained to the king why he himself was not made the minister. The king saw a bandy, loaded with sacks going on the street. He told Ragu to go and find out what the sacks contained. Ragu came
back and said, “Paddy, sir.” “Where is it going?” asked the king. Ragu ran and came back and said, “To Trichy, sir.” “How much does each bag cost?” “Who is the owner?” were the other questions the king asked. Each time Ragu ran and came back with the answer.

Then the king sent word for Ragavan. He ordered Ragavan to go and find out what was being transported in the bandy. Ragavan went and reported to the king, “Sir, it is paddy being transported to Trichy by Mr. Ramakrishnan to be sold at the cost of Rs.
500/bag.” Ragu put his head down in shame.

Be diligent, smart and enthusiastic in your work.

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