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Women Who Win

Ant and Worm


An ant was majestically walking along a forest. She saw a worm crawling. The ant told the worm: “Look at me. I am so brisk and smart. You should be faster and dress up beautifully. You look ugly.” Despising the worm the ant moved along.

After some days the ant returned the same way. He thought of the worm and looked around to see if she could find her.

She was nowhere to be found. Instead she found a beautiful, colourful butterfly circling over her. “Hello,” said the butterfly to the ant, “How are you? Why are you so slow? Can’t you fly like me and be as colourful?” The ant angrily replied, “Don’t be 

so rude. Who are you anyway?” “Oh, you don’t recognize me? I am the worm you met some days ago,” replied the butterfly.

Never despise anyone. Everybody is growing.

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