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Women Who Win

                             What to Do?


7 Jan 1989

Dear Aunty,

Christmas holidays were great fun. It was lovely getting in touch with friends and relatives. On New Year’s Day I gleaned thro’ my diary- There was so much to thank God for! My friend Esther is in Rajasthan. She wrote asking for good Christian magazines and books as she has plenty of time to read.

I want to mention some of the problems we have in our prayer group.

1.    Remember Lyla? I introduced her to you when you had come. She is confessing her sins for the past two weeks. She says she is unable to weep and confess as some do. She longs to be saved.

2.    Meera, my classmate has stopped attending prayer meetings. I met her. She wept bitterly and said she has committed an awful sin and has lost her salvation. I am not able to reassure her.

3.    Saraswathi will be going home for holidays. You know her parents are not Christians. How can I guide her?

A final year didi wants to join a missionary organisation after  graduating.   She   asked  me  to  write  to  you  and  find out what she should do.

I had come to your place to bid goodbye but you weren’t there. Do write soon.


* *

21 Feb 1989

Dear Mala,

Received your letter.

1.    God has created people of different personality types. Some are naturally reticient and conceal their emotions while others demonstrate their emotions openly. To one the experience of salvation may be an outburst of ecstacy. To another, it may be a deeply moving and tearful experience of confessing sins. To yet another, it may be a moment of quiet tranquility in the presence of God. That depends on our emotional make-up. The value of one’s salvation does not depend upon his emotional reaction. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Just because someone weeps or dances with joy doesn’t mean she has a deeper experience than the one who confesses quietly. “The just shall live by faith.” Read I John 1:7-9; Rom 10:10,17 to Lyla. That will set her mind at ease.

2.    Please tell Meera that her fears are irrational. God will never disown us when we sin and our salvation will not be snatched away from us everytime we sin. But we must remember that when we sin we grieve God. We lose the joy of our salvation. This is why David says, “Restore me the joy of Your salvation.” Read Psalm 51 and explain to her how David sinned, repented and confessed his sin and how God forgave and accepted him back. She must understand the difference between deliberately giving oneself up to sin and committing sin accidentally. “If anyone sins we have Jesus the righteous Mediator to plead with the Father on our behalf,” writes John. And why does he write so? “My children, I write these things so that we may not sin,” he says.

3. I agree that it is a daunting challenge for a non-Christian to take a stand for Christ. Advise Saraswathi to be loving, gentle, cheerful, obedient and helpful at home. But in matters pertaining to God she must keep her witness in all gentleness and humility.

4. Tell the final year didi to write to:

India Missions Association 48 First Main Road East Shenoy Nagar, Chennai 600030

They will guide her.

I have bought a smart handbag for you from Bombay. Hope you will like it.

Your loving Aunty.


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