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Women Who Win

                                    Mala the Great!


7 Dec 1988


Dear Aunty,

             It’s been 2 months since we were in touch. I’m saturated with “news” to give you and nearly bursting with curiosity to hear what’s been happening at your end.

The last letter you wrote to me was an eye-opener. To tell you the truth, I used to despise these ‘sinful’ girls. I wanted to run away and hide. But the Lord spoke to me through your letter. I went down on my knees and wept. Since then I have been trying to reach out to them.

“You’ll be happy to know that I have gathered my first fruit! It’s the kitchen Kala! She came to my room and committed herself to the Lord. We pray together every Saturday. Three girls have accepted Jesus. I discovered two other believers. We have now formed a small prayer group in our hostel.

Subhashini is a 3rd yr B.A. student. She’s a believer, about to marry her cousin. She is praying for his conversion. She claims that he’s of course a nice fellow. How can I tell her that this is wrong?

Our pastor requested someone from our college to speak at a youth meeting in our church. My name was proposed..! felt very jittery but I didn’t refuse.

I went prepared to speak on Eccl 12:1. There were about 20 young people at the meeting. I started with Eccl 12:1 but ended up sharing my testimony with them. My fear and nervousness melted away. Later on I realised that I had spoken for an hour. The Lord moved in a wonderful way that day. Our pastor has requested me to speak again at another youth rally to be held at the end of December. I am bubbling.

I’ll give you the rest of the news when I come home for Christmas holidays. Three of my friends have promised to contribute regularly to our missionary activities. Marina has decided to give Rs. 25/-. She was a cine addict and this is the amount that she will save by giving up films and magazines. I’m sending you a moneyorder for Rs. 42/-this month. This includes my own offering of Rs. 10/-.

Please send me Sangita’s address. Expecting atleast one more letter before I return.

Yours Lovingly, Mala the Great!

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