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Women Who Win

003 Beautiful Cheques

A widowed mother sacrificed her life for her son. She worked in homes and educated him. He understood his mother’s love and studied well. He graduated and went to America and took up a job. He earned well.

At home his mother continued to lose her health. She had no proper food. She took to bed and died. Her son was shocked and came rushing home. Her neighbors met him on the way and cried, “Why didn’t you take care of your mother? You could have sent her some money for treatment and food. Why did you treat your mother so badly?”

The son was shocked. “What happened to all the money I sent? Every month I sent her a cheque,” he lamented. When they went inside the house they found all the beautiful foreign cheques stuck on the wall! Then the neighbors remembered that she used to boast that her son had sent her lovely pictures and understood her folly. If she had taken the cheques to the bank she could have led a royal life.

The Bible is like a chequebook. If we keep it without using it we will be paupers. The more we use it the richer we will become spiritually and then enjoy a royal life in heaven.

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