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Women Who Win

1. Is God for Real?

There were two scientists. One was a believer in the true God and another was an aetheist who did not believe in the existence of God. The believer, Dr. Ron, tried to convince Dr. Reynold but Dr. Reynold would always laugh away Dr. Ron’s arguments.

Dr. Ron thought of an idea to convince his friend, of the existence of God. In his house he prepared a dark room. In the room he fixed a big yellow bulb for the sun. Another glow would go round and round the sun as the moon. There were circuitous wires in which earth and other planets and stars went round the sun. At the click of the switch the sun would glow and the moon, earth, stars and planets would sail around the sun.

All set, he invited Dr. Reynold for dinner one day, and after dinner took him to the dark room. He put on the switch and Dr. Ron’s creation leaped to life. Dr. Reynold was astounded at the precision and beauty of the electrical setting.

“Wonderful, wonderful! Who did all this? Who has such a brilliant brain?” squealed Dr. Reynold in delight. “Oh, nobody did it. It is just there,” Dr. Ron coolly replied. After back and forth argument finally Dr. Ron said, “You don’t believe this simple electrical set was not made by anyone. But you are ready to believe that the whole universe just exists without anybody creating it?”

Dr. Reynold hung his head in shame. From that day onwards every creation of God— from a grass blade to a mighty elephant began to speak to his heart about God.

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