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Women Who Win

The Story Behind the Stories

I was fascinated by the stories my mother told me. I started telling Bible stories to my daughter Evangeline from, may be, when she was two years old. She listened intently as I brought alive Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Paul and Peter, from Genesis to Revelation.  I told stories while I bathed her, fed her and put her to sleep. Around the age of five she started saying, “I know all that. Tell me unbiblical stories!” Sunday Class teachers complained that when they started any story she completed it, and they even requested me not to send her to the Class.

In order  to hold her attention I started telling her other stories before I went to the Bible. Other children joined her and it became a Sunday School of 110 children. Dr. Macaden’s daughter-in-law was in that Sunday School as 10 year old Nageswari. Today she is in Scotland as Dr. Leah.

Then my daughter had her own daughter. The whole circle repeated and I was back to square one! I told my granddaughter stories from Genesis to Revelation while I bathed her, fed her and put her to sleep. The same complaint popped up and I started recollecting stories my mother had told me and those I told my daughter. Some of her friends joined her and the number became eight. Recently six of them committed their lives to the Lord!

These are not my original stories, except a few. These are what I had heard or read. Some are Aesop’s fables and some Fairy Tales or folklore. Some, I only remembered vaguely and had to attach a nose or ears to make it complete. The names may be different. Of course I added my own version to bring God into the picture. I have said how Cinderella prayed and read her Bible or how Snow White told the seven dwarfs about Jesus.

At one point I stopped teaching the children because of overwork. Then I had a call from a BYM missionary, Suganthini Saravanan, from Lucknow whose daughter Nita was a Rosebud (as I called them). She said, “Please don’t stop teaching the children. Nita was greatly influenced by your teaching. Now and then she stops and asks, “WWJD?” If not daily atleast teach them now and then.” So the Rose Buds was restarted and it still continues since about 5 years.

In 2011, one day there was a knock at our door. A young man walked inside and introduced himself as Dr. Pradeep from CMC Hospital (Vellore). I knew him as a seven year old boy. He said his mother wanted him to give me his first salary and take my blessings. I happily did that. Whenever we went to Kuwait we stayed with his parents. All I remembered about him was that he’d be driven into the bathroom to get ready for school. He would not emerge for a long time. I would grow suspicious and peep inside to find him fast asleep in the tub! Then his mother phoned and told me that it was I who led him to Christ and gave him his first Children’s Bible. I was puzzled. She said that Pradeep was getting married and we must attend.

Today (8 Aug 2012) Pradeep visited us and gave us the invitation card for his wedding. I asked him if he remembered my days with him as a child. This is what he told me: “Auntie, you used to play the guitar and tell me stories. Once we went to the beach with my dog and a crowd of about twenty Arab children surrounded us to see my pet dog. You shared about Jesus in some language and made them understand atleast partially. Then you told me: “See Pradeep, a dog is  enough to evangelise. We don’t need anything else.” Pradeep married this year. He is doing his M.D. He has committed his life to  serve the Lord. I don’t take any credit because I know many others have played vital roles in his life.

I write all this not to boast of myself but to encourage you to sow the seeds of God’s Word in little hearts wherever you may find them, whenever you get an opportunity.

I find many mothers not knowing how to engage their little children. Children complain that Sunday Class is boring. I just thought if I wrote down those stories it would come in handy for mothers and Sunday Class teachers. I had 2-12 year olds in mind when I wrote these down. It can be read by children too, because I have used very simple language. My desire is that children, who are Kingdom Owners, grow up as citizens of the Kingdom and never get lost on the way.

You must tell the stories animatedly, walking up and down, dancing, acting and singing with expression in your face and sounds from your throat to hold the attention of children. Don’t read the book at a stretch; read only one story a day. Children can color the pictures.

This book may be gifted to mothers with small children and grandmothers and as birthday gift for children or Sunday School teachers and preachers too.

Those of you who know the original stories will find lot of mistakes in my version and I’m sure to get many letters pointing them out. Welcome! They will be useful for the next edition. The Lord bless you all.


Lilian Stanley

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