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Women Who Win

A Family Bible Study


Discuss and answer each question:

We meet a godly family in Judges Chapter 13.

1. What was the big problem in the family? (v 2)

2. What do you think they did about it?

3. What do we do about problems in our family which man cannot help?

4. Was God mindful of their problem? (v 3)

5. Whose problem was it among the couple?

6. What was the husband’s reaction?

7. What is our reaction when there is a problem in one partner?

Childlessness could have been the problem of either husband or wife. But in Bible times whosoever’s the defect was the wife was called barren.

8. Can you remember some promises for family problems?

Compare similar situations in the life of Sarah & Abraham, Isaac & Rebekah, Jacob & Rachel, Elkanah & Hannah, Zechariah and Elizabeth and their reactions.

9. What was the condition of Israel when the child was conceived? (v 1)

Samson was to influence Israel.

10.Do you believe your child is given of God to fulfil a certain purpose in His Kingdom?

God is involved in the conception of each child.

11. Why did the angel appear to Manoah’s wife and not to Manoah?

God treats the husband and wife as equal though positionally the husband is the head of the home.

12.How was the mother to be? (v 4)

13. How are we to keep us for the sake of each child?

14. How was the child to be brought up? (v 5)

15.When little Samson demanded a haircut like all his friends and begged for wine, what do you think would have been the parent’s reply?

16.How are we to deal with our children when they want to imitate their friends and follow them?

17. What was the attitude of the wife concerning her spiritual experience when she explained it to her husband? Was there a note of superiority? (v 6)

Discuss a father’s prayer for an unborn child. May be the child is not even conceived now.

Note the plurality in the prayer.

18. Why did Manoah trust his wife unquestioningly? (v 8)

19. Are wives so trustworthy today?

20. How much do you believe the promises of God and act on them?

21.Did God answer Manoah’s prayer? (v 9)

22. Why did Manoah’s wife run to her husband rather than ask instructions of the angel?

The wife must seek her husband’s help in all serious matters in the family and not try to deal with it alone.

23. Have you experienced problems in life when you took up matters entirely in your hand as a wife?

In child rearing husband and wife both must take active part.

24.How did God answer Manoah’s prayer? (v 9)

25.Is that what he expected?

26.How does God answer prayers?

Share some of your experiences.

27. Is it right to worship angels? (Messengers of God) (Rev 19:10; Ex 20:4,5; Judg 13:16)

His name is ‘Wonderful’ as far as our children are concerned. (v 18)

28.Has He proved Himself to you so? (v 19).

29.Can you trust God as Wonderful for your child?

30.Is difference of opinion avoidable between husband and wife? (vv 22,23)

31.How can we settle them?

32.Can you bless your children? (v 24)

What you can do to your children to bring God’s blessings on them:

a) Bring them up according to God’s instruction.

b) Keep yourself according to God’s instruction.

33.Did Manoah and his wife do it? Then why did Samson fall?

34.What happens when we let our children go at the right time? (v 25)

The Fall of Samson:

35.Were the parents to be blamed?

36.What is the age of accountability?


Between 15-20 years slowly shift the responsibility from your shoulders to your child’s.

37.How can you do that? Discuss.

After that he/she is responsible before God. After that children should decide for themselves.

But ultimately Samson repented and trusted God.

His parents’ prayers were answered. So never be tired of praying for your grown-up children.


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