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Women Who Win

Decisions of a Grandmother

1. I DECIDE to stop praying, “Lord, please take me.”  God knows when to take me and He needs no guidance. I decide to live happy and fulfil His will as long as He keeps me on this earth.

2. I DECIDE not to keep on talking about my illnesses. I decide to tell God my weakness. I will not elaborate my problems to others and waste their time. I decide not to eat as I please rather stick to my diet.

3. I DECIDE not to murmur. I will not be upset when people don’t respect me, do not give heed to my counsel or do not give me responsibilities. I will not get angry when someone tells me to “please be quiet” when I try to help them. I decide not to criticise anyone.

4. I DECIDE not to be troublesome to others. I trouble others because I worry too much about myself. I will try my best to help others forgetting my own needs. I decide to take care of myself as much as I can.

5. I DECIDE to pray more. My responsibilities are less but the time at my disposal is more. Many are those who wail, “I have no time and I have so many responsibilities.” So I praise God for this grace and decide to pray for the family, church, unreached souls and ministries. I decide not to give myself to old wives’ tales.

6. I DECIDE to tell stories to my grand children and other children. I decide to relate to them Bible stories one by one as enthusiastically as possible.

7. I DECIDE to be as useful as possible to my children. I decide to help them if requested to teach the children, engage them in profitable pass-time recreation, take care of the house in their absence, and so on.

8. I DECIDE to get a large letter Bible to read rather than neglect the Bible for poor eyesight.

9. I DECIDE to use my properties wisely. I decide to distribute my legacy according to the heart of God. I will give to God not less than one tenth. I will divide to my children without partiality. I decide to entrust the property to godly and wise hands.

10. I DECIDE not to be afraid of my future and death. I decide to face them courageously. Whether alone or in my home or shuttled from one child’s home to the other or in a old people’s home, however God may lead, I encourge myself in the Lord to manage. I decide to glorify God by praising Him in everything, sick bed or weakness, knowing that the gateway to life is death.

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