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Women Who Win

Decisions of a Church Member


1. I DECIDE to attend the church regularly with my family. I will not go late. I will not come away before the service is over. Neither I nor any member of my family will be a distraction to anyone during the service.

2. I DECIDE to follow the sermon closely and take notes. I will study it at home and share the good thoughts with others at suitable occasions. I will apply the sermon first to myself and not to others. I will not criticise the sermon. I will not sleep, daydream, or allow my eyes to wander during singing, worship, sermon or prayer, but follow them. I decide to sing the songs meaningfully.

3. I DECIDE to submit to the leadership of the church.  I will welcome corrections with a meek spirit. I will not backbite the elders, but respect them. I will seek their help for my problems.

4. I DECIDE to be an example to other members of the church. I will be careful about my every word. I will conduct myself with all purity. I will be a model in my spiritual convictions. I decide to get reconciled with any member with whom I am not in good terms. I will avoid a superficial and hypocritical relationship.

5. I DECIDE to be an active member of my church. I  will take part in the activities of the church as much as possible. I will try my best to win alteast one soul a week  and bring her to the church. I will distribute tracts and sell gospels. I decide to bring an offering to the Lord every week. I will give liberally to the needs of the ministers and the evangelistic activities.

6. I DECIDE to pray fervently and regularly for my church. I will pray for the shepherds. I will pray for the members. I will pray for the evangelistic activities and growth. I will pray for a revival in the church. I will pray for those who live in sin in the church and not talk about them. I will pray for the conversion of the youth and children in the church.

7. I DECIDE to be  of spiritual help to the sisters of my church. I will not hesitate or fear to point out their sins but prayerfully and lovingly talk to them about it in private. I will counsel the youth and tell Bible stories to the children. I will circulate or sell literature which will help them spiritually.

8. I DECIDE to give physical and material help to needy members of the church. I will not hesitate to sacrifice to meet their needs. I will give some clothes and food material which I can spare from my home. I will help them in their times of sickness.

9. I DECIDE to be cordial with the members of other churches. I will smile at and greet them and not hesitate to fellowship with them. I will not try to make them members of my church. I decide not to be hairsplitting on minor issues which disrupt the unity of the Body of Christ. I will respect the convictions of other churches and not scorn them.

10. I DECIDE to get spiritual food from special meetings (though organised by other churches), literature, radio, cassettes, CDs and television. I will search the Scripture for the truths learned from them. I will be careful about false doctrines. I will support missionary organisations, Bible societies and local ministries as much as I can.

1 Tim 4:12; Phil 4:3; Acts 16:14,15; Ex 35:22,26

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Lilian Stanley
13 Church Colony
Vellore 632006, India
Tel: +91 9843511943
Email: lilianstanley@gmail.com

Blessing Youth Mission

Home & NRE donors

Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 10545849472
Bank - State Bank of India
Branch Name - Siruthozhil,Vellore
Branch Code - 007274
IFSC No - SBIN0007274
MICR Code - 632002012

Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 420010000482
Bank - Kotak Mahindra Bank
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Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 1074703964
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A/c NAME - T. Prince Stachys Ravindran
A.c No - 35374362080
Bank - State Bank of India
Branch Name: Siruthozhil, Vellore
IFSC No: SBIN0007274