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Women Who Win

Decisions of a Working Woman

 1. I DECIDE to give top priority to God. I will put my work only next to God and family. I will not be slack about my devotional time, and give excuses of overwork, tiredness, lack of time, etc. I will be ready to witness to someone everyday in my workspot. I will be regular in church attendance.

2. I DECIDE to give next priority to my family. I will not give excuses for negligence of my family. I will plan the day and not waste time. I will refresh myself and be pleasant at home after return from the work. I will not carryover the burdens or ill moods of my work into my home. I will not be separated from my husband or children for an attractive salary.

 3. I DECIDE to be devoted to my work during the working hours. I shall do my work neatly, scrupulously and without mistakes to the best of my ability in the presence or absence of the superior. I will not be late for work. I will not misuse working hours for any personal work or waste the time day dreaming, chatting or dozing. I decide to obtain an honest report and a clean testimony. I will not place false signatures nor give false certificates. I will not use any of the office materials for my personal use against the rules. I will discipline myself to the rules and regulations of the office gladly.

4. I DECIDE to be submissive to my superiors, to the good and gentle as well as the rough and rude. I will not argue or fight with them. I will fear and respect them. I will obey them sincerely, pleasantly, wholeheartedly and not half-heartedly with murmuring, hesitation or expressing my unwillingness. I will not be hypocritically good before them to earn their favour above all my coworkers, neither will I flatter them. I will not backbite.

5. I DECIDE to consider my authorities as delegates of God and therefore not question their every move. Under normal circumstances I will not bypass my immediate authority and go to the higher authority. I will pray for my superiors daily and that God should direct me through them. I will not obey the sinful demands of my ungodly authorities but boldly take my stand. I will boldly, prayerfully and lovingly tell them in private when they err. I will take even the least problem in my work to the Lord in prayer and not try carnal methods.

6. I DECIDE to look to God for the rewards of my labours. I will not blame my authorities for my situation nor judge them but commit the matter to the Lord. I will look to the Lord for promotion. I will boldly accept my mistakes and gladly take the due punishment.

7. I DECIDE to maintain a good relationship with all my coworkers. I will smile at and greet them every morning. I will not hesitate to help them whenever possible. I will not be quick to judge them or expose their wrong doings to the authorities. I will not fear to counsel them and I will readily bow down when they correct me. I will not despise the work of others nor boast unduly of my own achievement.

8. I DECIDE to be careful about my movements with the male colleagues. I will not be a source of temptation to them. I will be friendly with them but with all purity. I will avoid lustful men. I will dress modestly to work.

9. I DECIDE to be careful with my salary. I will not be selfish with it. I will bring it home to my husband (or parents) and pray and praise God for it and decide the budget for the month alongwith his. I decide to give a minimum of one tenth to God. I will set aside a portion for the poor. I will not  desire to purchase all that my colleagues possess or become a prey to the hire purchase system. I will send some money to my parents in need as a token of gratitude.

10. I DECIDE to come out of my inferiority complex. I will not believe the devil’s lie that I am useless and my work is nothing, but whatever is given in my hand to do I will do it with all my might. I will not hesitate to take up responsibilities. I am going to face any discouragement and rise out of it with the strength of God claiming His promises for the prosperity of my work.

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