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Women Who Win

Decisions of a Student

1. I DECIDE to read through the Bible once this year. I will read 4 or 5 chapters a day. I will mark the date at the end of the day’s portion to keep track. I will write a heading on each chapter to avoid casual reading. I will memorise atleast one verse everyday.

2. I DECIDE to discipline my sleeping hours. I will keep the alarm at five and jump out of bed at its call. I will not sleep earlier than ten or keep awake later than eleven in the night. I will not sleep in the daytime. I will stick to this schedule even on holidays.

3. I DECIDE to be on my knees when the clock strikes 5-30 in the morning. Similarly at 10-30 in the night I will put down my books and kneel to pray. I will examine myself to confess my sins of the day. I decide to see that nothing steals away this half an hour morning and evening. Will try my best for a time of afternoon prayer, though brief. I decide to maintain a diary and jot down every night how I fared in my decisions.

4. I DECIDE to improve my relationship with all at home. I will obey my parents implicity. I will not fight with my brothers and sisters. I will make a definite effort to show them extra love. I decide to take up one new chore on me and perform it tidily, happily and above criticism to express my domestic responsibility and love to mom.

5. I DECIDE to choose the worst girl in my class, perhaps the immoral, the dullest, the unruly and pray for daily. I will make voluntary undeterred efforts to become her friend. I will help her in studies, protection, guidance, morals and even in finance if necessary to the possible extent. When she turns to the Lord I will follow her up sincerely, by praying with her as often as possible, teaching her all I know from the Bible and encouraging her to witness and stand firm in her faith.

6. I DECIDE to labour to earn a good name for conduct, discipline and studies from my principal, teachers and classmates. I will greet them irrespective of their attitude towards me. I will be friendly with my classmates. I will not stick on to just one or two all the time. I will practise saying, ‘Please,’ ‘Thank you,’ ‘Sorry’ and ‘God bless you’ and better my mannerism.

7. I DECIDE to put forth atleast 10% more labour than last year and see that I secure 10% more than the usual marks in all the subjects. I will not try any shortcut method for passing the examination. I will pray for wisdom every day.

8. I DECIDE to take care of my body as God’s temple. I will bathe daily, dress smartly and decently and put a smile on my face always. I will not bite my finger nails or scratch my head or pick my nose. I will keep my hair free of lice. I will eat well, play well and stay healthy. I will not avoid games and sports or neglect physical exercise. I will not yield my body to the temptations of lust.

9. I DECIDE not to go to movies nor read filthy novels. I will not engage in talking or listening to dirty stories. I will not use bad words. I will respect the elderly. I will offer my seat to the aged and weak in the bus.

10. I DECIDE to remove fear from my mind. I will cast off the fear of future, fear of studies, fear of the devil, fear of evildoers and all superstitious fears. When depression, discouragement or any fear overtakes me I will quote an appropriate promise and shout praises. I will trust the Lord for everything, holding up the banner of Jehovah-Nissi!

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Blessing Youth Mission

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Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 10545849472
Bank - State Bank of India
Branch Name - Siruthozhil,Vellore
Branch Code - 007274
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A/c NAME - T. Prince Stachys Ravindran
A.c No - 35374362080
Bank - State Bank of India
Branch Name: Siruthozhil, Vellore
IFSC No: SBIN0007274