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Women Who Win

Awake Deborah!



Was Deborah sleeping? She was the busiest woman in her times. She was a Spirit-filled housewife, judging Israel. To be a judge in Israel was an awesome responsibility, more so for a woman. Not in her home but in her office under the palm tree. Judges chapter four and five tell her story. God’s call came to her to “Awake!” (Judges 5:12). From what? For what?

It was a call to go pressing forward out of her home sweet home, out of the shade of her palm-tree-office. Probably she was lulled into a dull routine. She was satisfied with what she could do. But the call challenged her for what she could not do - with her own might and power. That which could be done only by a special unction! The call was to go out and fight the enemies. To look yonder and to look above!

I can almost hear her feeble voice when she told of her call, to her husband, “Honey, I have arranged for the children to spend the day with the Smiths. And I have cooked the meals for three days and kept in the fridge.” I can almost see the frown in Mr. Lapidoth’s face! The consummation of the history will thrill any woman. “Blessed is she among women in tents” (Judges 5:24).

If at all a woman comes out, it is to the church or to a Bible study or to take a Sunday Class. God is now calling us women for something more and greater - to enter the enemies’ territory, to maraud and to plunder and to captivate the captives. Awake friends! This is not a time for partying or playing. Let’s pray and plunge. This is not a time for make-up. This is a time to sweat. Too long we have been satisfied with what we could do. Let’s now rise up to do what WE cannot do! Shout, “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!”

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