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Women Who Win

Questions for Women




Have you disobeyed any commandment of the Lord by doubting His Word, like EVE?  (Gen 3:6)


Have you been distracted by the world from following the Lord whole-heartedly, like LOT’S WIFE?  (Gen 19:26; Lk 17:32)


Are your eyes filled with lust, like POTIPHAR’S WIFE? (Gen 39:7)


Are you trying the sinful pleasures of this world for your inner satisfaction, like the SAMARITAN WOMAN?   (Jn 4:17, 18)


Are you unwilling to part with your “idol,” even after beginning to follow the Lord, like RACHEL?  (An idol is anything which gets preference over the Lord in any of your affairs.) (Gen 31:34)


Do you grieve the Holy Spirit by your material-mindedness, like SAPPHIRA?   (Acts 5:9)


Are you despising any genuine spiritual experiences of others, like MICHAL?    (2 Sam 6:16, 23)


Are you proud, like the DAUGHTERS OF ZION?  (Isa 3:16, 17)


Are you backbiting, like MIRIAM, and lending your tongue for unprofitable chat and worldly gossip?  Num 12:1, 2, 9, 10; 1 Tim 5:13)     


Are you crossing the boundary of decency in your dress, trying to copy the trend of the HARLOT WORLD towards nakedness and its unscriptural fashions?  (1 Tim 2:9, 10; Dt 22:5)


Are you crowding out your Quiet Time at the feet of the Lord, in the midst of your busy domestic works, like MARTHA?  (Lk 10:39-42)


Have you submitted yourself totally to the authority of God’s Word like MARY, or, are you like the SILLY WOMEN of 2 Timothy 3:6, 7?     (Lk 1:38)     


Have you learnt to carry every burden to the Lord in prayer, like HANNAH, or do you go about telling people seeking their sympathy?   (1 Sam 1:15, 18)


Have you fulfilled your vows to the Lord, like HANNAH?    (1 Sam 1:11, 27, 28; Eccl 5:4, 5)     


Are you active with good works like DORCAS, and busy like the MODEL WOMAN of Proverbs 31, or lazy and careless?    (Acts 9:36, 39; Prov 31:15, 27; Isa 32:9)


Have you risen up like DEBORAH to save your nation from spiritual darkness?          (Judge 5:7,12)


Are you extending maximum help for missionary-evangelism through your time, talent and treasure, like EUODIA and SYNTYCHE?    (Phil 4:2, 3; Lk 8:2, 3; Ex 35:25, 26)


Are you giving to the Lord your first-fruits, like the WIDOW OF ZAREPHATH, and your best-fruits, like MARY?    (1 Ki 17:13-15; Jn 12:3)


Do you obey your husband, as to the Lord, like SARAH, and prove a real God-given helper to him? (1 Pet 3:6; Eph 5:22; Gen 2:18).


Do you maintain a cordial relationship with the other members of the family?   (Eph 4:2, 3)


Do you bring up your children in the fear of the Lord, instructing them in the Scriptures, like LOIS and EUNICE?    (2 Tim 1:5; 3:15)



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