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Women Who Win

Decisions of a Mother

1. I DECIDE to start family prayer from today. I would cross over all the hurdles for the same and try my best to have it each day. I decide to spend half an hour of prayer daily exclusively for family. I will praise God for each child. I will pray with each child individually on weekends. I will see that they read their Bible each day and pray in the morning and night. I will teach them the Bible. But I will take care not to overload them with religion and make them hate it. I will take them to church and Sunday School regularly.

2. I DECIDE to be a model to my children. I will not demand from them what I myself am not able to practise. I will humbly acknowledge my shortcomings when I am criticised by them. I will not hesitate to ask their forgiveness when I make mistakes.

3. I DECIDE to show my love to my children irrespective of their shortcomings, academic performance or their attitude towards me. I will not irritate them by comparing them with other children, teasing, criticizing them before others or exposing their faults to others. I will make them feel wanted through my words and deeds. I will not compare one child with the other. I will not show any partiality between them. I will treat them alike. I will reward their labours, efforts and good deeds.

4. I DECIDE not to spare the rod of chastening. I will not keep on shouting and threatening till they obey, rather immediately handle the rod. I will demand absolute obedience. I will punish when they sin but correct gently their mistakes. I will not carry on the bitterness in my heart and react the whole day but resume my loving relationship soon after correction. I will not punish them in blind rage but in pure love, not in public but in private, not shouting back for their every word but reproving in patience.

5. I DECIDE not to interfere when my husband punishes or corrects them. I will not nullify his corrections later by an apologetic attitude but explain to the child patiently. I will not reveal to the children any of my disagreements with my husband. 

6. I DECIDE to show all love, respect, submission and obedience to my husband that my children may follow my example. I will do all that is within my means to build up their relationship with their father. I will not neglect my husband and make him jealous by undue attention to the children.

7. I DECIDE to maintain a happy atmosphere in the home. I will not consider it a waste of time to sit, talk and play with my children. I will be available for them when they return from school. I will take time to share their news of the day. I will be a good listener. I will not reflect my moods on them, rather show myself always happy. I will take them all out atleast once a month.

8. I DECIDE to keep in touch with their teachers so as to know their personality outside the home. I will not brush aside the teacher’s complaints about my child but give weight to it, confirm it and correct the child. I will not defend the child from all my neighbour’s complaints but accept the fact. I will care for their studies. I will not feel shy to discuss even delicate subjects like sex with them. I will check the books they read and the programmes they watch. I will patiently answer all their questions.

9. I DECIDE to breastfeed my babies as long as I can. I will train my children not to be too choosy in their food but to eat all that is prepared at home with a pleasant attitude and not to waste or grumble. I will provide a balanced diet for the family.

10. I DECIDE not to do everything for the children myself and smother them. I will give them freedom and independence to an extent to build them up. I will not be holding their strings all the time, but be careful about their friends and whereabouts. I will teach them to choose the good. I will make them do their own work and share in the household responsibility. I will not say yes to all their demands but teach them to accept “no’s” also pleasantly. I will bring them up in simple lifestyle.

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