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Women Who Win

Talking Talent

The men of Ephraim gathered themselves against the Gileadites to fight them.  And the Gileadites took the passages of Jordan and when those Ephraimites who escaped crossing river Jordan were caught, they were asked to say the word, ‘Shibboleth.’  Those who were not able to pronounce the word properly but said, ‘Sibboleth,’ were killed, because by this the Ephraimites were identified (Judg 12:1-6).  What a simple test to decide their fate!  This is the acid test for our eligibility also to cross over Jordan.  For the Bible says, “…By your words you will be condemned” (Mt 12:37).  It is most necessary that we women, who let loose our tongue so often, study this subject carefully.


Women can be easily assessed by their words because by nature they never refrain their words but their heart is in their mouth.  As a tree is known by its fruit, so we are by our words.  When we open our mouth, one can see our heart.  The importance of reigning our tongue is understood when we hear brother James say, “Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless” (Js 1:26).  He does not say, ‘keep silence’ but be “slow to speak” (1:19).  That is, speak only when necessary and that with understanding.  Every idle word that we speak, we shall give account of it in the day of judgment (Mt 12:36).  Idleness leads to unedifying chat, and many words is the mark of a fool (Eccl 5:3).  James says that “we deceive ourselves.”  Think not high of your religion, before you take hold of your tongue.  Do not deceive your own heart. 




This sin of the tongue has been condemned from the very beginning by the Lord God Almighty: “Do not go about spreading slander among your people” (Lev 19:16).  How often the fault of a ‘dear sister’ is spread far and wide by ‘dear sisters!’  Among our own kith and kin in the family of God, let us not go up and down bearing a tale.  When you find that being with a group will make you talk unnecessarily, make up your will and leave that place.  Eventhough you may feel it is a harmless chat, be sure you will sin, for the Word of God says, “Sin is not ended by multiplying words” (Prov 10:19).  And when you are forced to be with a noisy gang, “set a guard over your mouth” (Psa 141:3).




Beware of this sin.  It goes under the cloak of humility.  It is false humility to speak high of others.  Never try to please others by flattering them, because it is a sin before the Lord and punishment is severe.  “May the Lord silence all flattering lips” (Psa 12:3).  Avoid flatterers because they are not true to you (Prov 29:5).  Let not your lips speak deceit, but refrain your tongue from evil if you love life and want to see good days (1 Pet 3:10). 


Giving back


Some women are quite good in not unnecessarily chattering.  But they find it hard not to give back for one’s harsh criticism.  Why do the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law constantly fight?  Because, both cannot refrain their tongues from giving back.  Just try silence.  Silence is golden.  If one decides to hold her tongue whatever it may cost her, many a strife will cease.  If only the wife will stop giving back to her husband’s criticisms, what a peaceful household and a loving husband will she have!  Young girls, if you keep silence at your parents’ criticisms, in your future you will thank God for your strict parents.  Silence is a strong weapon of love if handled with care and not dipped in tears.  The hardest hearts will melt if you silently accept rude words.  A gentle tongue breaks the bone!  (Prov 25:15).




I think a woman is born with murmuring in her lips.  It is wrong to criticise her.  Because, she has so much to murmur.  The world is against her.  However, God hates murmuring.  We have no right to murmur against a person or circumstance or anything because all murmuring is against God.  ”You are not grumbling against us, but against the Lord”  (Ex 16:8).  The Lord has for us an exit out of this evil.  The solution He offers is praise.  Just thank God ALWAYS for ALL THINGS (Eph 5:20).  If you make it a point to thank God always for all things then you will have no reason or time to grumble. 




It is a known fact that if you want to publish a news in a city you have to tell it to a woman and tell her not to tell it to anyone, and she will dutifully pass over the news to every contact!  Jesus knew this very well and that’s why He perhaps first commissioned Mary to tell the good news of His resurrection.  The talkative tongue is a talented tool if only we keep gossiping the gospel.  If a woman can witness for Christ at the rate of her gossip, the uttermost parts of the world would have heard the Good News by now.  Why are we not using our talents?  The Samaritan woman must have been a talkative one (Jn 4).  That’s why when Jesus asked for water she did not immediately give Him water but opened up a conversation.  She must have allured many men by her words.  But the same, when she was converted, went into the village and brought the men to Jesus.  If the men folk listened to this outcast woman, and came out of the village to see “a man,” surely she must have talked quite a lot.  If only a Christian woman can realise the tremendous influence that her words have upon her neighbours, she can be the best tool in the Master’s hand to propel the Good News.    

Christian women should be well versed in the Scriptures that at any circumstance they pick out a suitable comforting or correcting text.  So often we meet victims of this world while travelling, even for a short time.  Be ready with the gospel in your lips and your testimony in your tongue.  King David says that his tongue is the pen of a ready writer (Psa 45:1).  May our tongue be so.


“The tongue has the power of life and death” (Prov 18:21).  ‘Sibboleth’ may mean death to you.  You cannot overnight pronounce ‘Shibboleth,’ because you have been brought up in such a world.  So start practising to bridle your tongue, so that you become the master of your tongue and not its servant.  That way the little organ will serve as a rudder to turn your soul from death to life.  Herein is the doctrine of perfection: “Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect” (Js 3:2, 4). 
























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