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Women Who Win

How to be Happy

It is said that it is difficult to satisfy a woman or make her happy.  We women should only bow our heads and accept it.  But it need not be so with Christian folk.  Just try this recipe.


Accept your God-given position in life!


Many a woman has allowed herself to be eaten away by the moth of ambition.  You should never feel sorry because you are not so and so.  Be assured that God plans your life carefully like an architect.  You have perhaps completed your education and remaining at home.  May be your parents are unable to give the education you aspired for.  May be you feel you are robbed of your rightful rights.  You may be living with an unbelieving husband.  May be no children or too many, making you tired.  Instead of losing your happiness in pursuit of something better, look beyond the clouds to see that the Lord is planning for you in love.  The happiest thing to know is that ‘God has made me as I am.’


Learn to be content!


“…Godliness with contentment is great gain,” the Bible says (1 Tim 6:6).  Godliness is GAIN, but adding contentment to it makes GREAT GAIN!  Discontentment damages a Christian home.  Any discontentment in the heart of the woman affects the entire family.  The greed of jewels and saris, of many a woman has led several homes into deadly debts.  Don’t try to have what all you WANT but just what you NEED.  “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory…”  (Phil 4:19).  You are His child and He has to but supply your need.  The love of money rang the death bell of Sapphira.  Don’t desire to have all that your neighbour possesses.  Remove all jealousy because jealousy, like cancer, cancels all your happiness.  Stop complaining and start praising God.  The great sin of Israel was discontentment and murmuring.


Don’t be touchy!


Tenderness is God’s endowment for a woman because she has to tenderly bring up children and should understand even the feeblest impulse of every member in the family.  This sensitiveness is a great advantage to pray with tears for souls.  But unfortunately we misuse this tenderness by flooding tears even for a small comment passed on by parents, friends or husband.  If you want to maintain the state of happiness, no criticism or comment should go further than your skin-depth.  The best way to tackle this problem is not silence but a happy chat or change of topic.  When your husband passes on a sharp comment about your cooking, acknowledge it politely remembering that you are his ‘rib’ and he won’t mean to damage it!


Learn to forget!


It is the habit of women to harbor even the smallest injury in their hearts and brood over it.  This only leads us to hatred, the killer of happiness.  Forget all injuries.  It is not impossible, because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit.  When Satan brings you a past evil memory, never cherish it.  Confess, “I have the mind of Christ.” Christ forgave and forgot all our evil past.  Let’s do the same to others.


Give, not to get!


It is a feminine instinct to be loved, cared for, cherished and protected.  Often the devil ensnares us in this noose and dumps us in the garbage of self-pity.  Self-pity kills joy and never allows our spirit to be released.  Forget self.  Give before you get, and you have discovered happiness.  How could the martyrs die with a happy face?  They gave before they got.  Where you fail to get love, you give love.  If your friend does not help you, you help her.  If your husband does not understand you, you understand his needs and longings.  If you are not comforted, you comfort.  “Not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others” (Phil 2:4).  To love is not a virtue but to love the unlovable.  To forgive is not a virtue but to forgive the unforgiveable. 


Ladies, “Rejoice in the Lord always!”
















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