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Decisions of a Daughter-in-law

1. I DECIDE to write a minimum of one letter a month lovingly but naturally to my mother-in-law, irrespective of the contents of her letter or her attitude towards me. I will visit her as often as possible and maintain good relationship with her and her daughters.

2. I DECIDE to send some help to her every month from our income to help support herself. I will do this as a token of my love and respect to her for the many years of love in the upbringing of my husband.

3. I DECIDE to smile at her. I will call her now and then for help to make her feel important. Though she makes a fuss about it and tries to prove I am a novice I will try not to mind it, giving allowance for her age and generation. I will overlook her old-fashioned ways and ideas.

4. I DECIDE to give her a surprise Birthday Party and make her happy. I am determined to build up the broken relationship. I will device ideas to achieve this end. I will not expect immediate change in her and get flabbergasted. I will work at it till it works.

5. I DECIDE not to turn my face away when she advises or stubbornly do things my own way when I know what she says is correct. I will readily learn from her and not mind when she boasts of it. I will see that my children respect her.

6. I DECIDE not to grumble about her to my husband. I will not seek the sympathy of my parents for anything that happens between us but pray in secret only. I will not backbite her to my neighbours or relatives. I decide to speak of her good qualities only.

7. I DECIDE to observe golden silence for her insults, criticisms, rebukes, accusations, etc. I will not cry or shout back. I will try to be natural and calm as if it never happened. I will be the one to go and get reconciled first whether the fault is on my side or her’s. I will humble myself and ask her forgiveness for all my rash words. I will accept my faults when she corrects me.

8. I DECIDE to pray for my mother-in-law daily for the Lord to bless her and make her a blessing to many. I will thank and praise the Lord for her and for what she has been to my husband, in private and family prayer. I will not feel jealous if she shares the joy or takes the credit for my husband’s achievements.

9. I DECIDE to cook according to her desires whenever possible. I will let her help in the household. I will give her the necessary freedom in the home. I will not shut her out from everything. I will not behave like her mistress.

10. I DECIDE to attend to her in sick-bed. I will see her as my own mother in her weakness, failures, shortcomings, etc. I will talk freely to her of things that interest her and me. I will give her company when needed. I will assure her of taking care of her in the future and thus allay her anxiety.

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