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Women Who Win

Decisions of a Mother-in-law

1. I DECIDE to consider my son and his wife as another family unit. I will not interfere with their decisions. I will let them enjoy all freedom and independence but be available to help them with my advice and counsel pleasantly. I will render all possible help in the household. I will not be upset when my daughter-inlaw slights my suggestions.

2. I DECIDE to appreciate my daughter-in-law openly. Even if she makes blunders I will constantly remind myself that she is just starting life and has a lot to learn. I will control my tongue from criticising her. I will not find fault with her way of doing things, rather learn to accept them.

3. I DECIDE not to possessively claim my son anymore. Difficult though, I will let my daughter-in-law serve his coffee, meals and receive him when he comes home. I will not claim his income. I will pleasantly watch my daughter-in-law handling his affairs. I will not feel bad that I am left out when they are talking together.

4. I DECIDE not to complain to my son about his wife. I will not expose her mistakes when he comes home, rather hide them and defend her. I will not rejoice in her failures. I will not even secretly desire a misunderstanding

or quarrel between them. I will honestly desire, pray and do my best for a harmony between


5. I DECIDE to forgive my daughter-in-law for all her insulting remarks and for the times she made me feel unwanted. I will silently bear her false accusations knowing God is my judge.

6. I DECIDE to be thankful to God for the meals, the home and the family around me. I will talk to people so. I will not hesitate to thank my daughter-in-law, nor say ‘sorry’ for my mistakes. I will not speak ill of her to others, even to my own daughters. I will not be constantly complaining and murmuring.

7. I DECIDE not to despise her parents, possessions, education or appearance. I will not demand money or jewels from her home, nor send her to her parents for every petty reason. I will make her feel welcome whenever she returns from her parents. I will never say I’m sorry that my son married her, but tell her how glad I am that she came into our family. I will not blame her for the changes in my son’s attitude to me after his marriage. I will try to understand that it is a natural God-ordained change.

8. I DECIDE to be a good grandmother. I will tell my grand-children Bible stories and take care of them when required. I will not interfere when their parents punish them. I will not speak ill of their mother directly or indirectly rather infuse in them a love and respect for their parents.

9. I DECIDE to form a circle of friends around the home so that I will not be too dependent on my children for company. I will visit the poor, the beggars, the sick, the outcasts and the non-christians in the evenings to tell them the love of Christ. I will be thankful for the free time the Lord gives me and will make the best use of it for His glory.

10. I DECIDE to treat my daughter-in-law as my own daughter in understanding, helping, giving, accepting and praying—realising that my daughter will one day be a daughter-in-law. Should I not treat her as I would have my daughter treated in her in-law’s home?

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