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Women Who Win

Decisions of a Wife

1. I DECIDE to obey my husband unquestioningly, unflinchingly from the stubbornest to the silliest of  his  demands. I will seek the Lord’s help to do it cheerfully. In difficult situations I will be wise to  discern if my obedience will please the Lord and only then obey. I decide to pray with my husband morning and night. When I pray I will praise God for my husband.

 2. I DECIDE not to criticise my husband unlovingly. When I am upset over any wrong he does I will control my tongue, cool down and later gently talk to him about it. Whatever I have not been able to correct in him in the past, I will stop nagging but tolerate and trust the Lord for a miracle.

 3. I DECIDE not to cry at my husband’s criticisms or wear a long face. I will not shout back. I will be the first to give up my pride and make up things. I will not keep demanding change in him, rather I will constantly work at changing myself for the better. I will not go to my parents with my  complaints.

 4. I DECIDE to laugh and joke and play with my  husband. I will smile at him when he comes home. Iwill dress and behave to his taste. I will call him as he wishes and not feel shy about it. I will make best efforts to please him in everything. I will cheerfully respond to his sexual needs, realising I have no authority over my body but he has. I will cook to his taste and say ‘yes’ where he expects. I will not be discouraged at my failure. I will sacrifice my own ways if he disapproves of it. I will appreciate him for something everyday.

 5. I DECIDE to overcome the habit of eating in between meals. I will not be munching all the time. I will not overeat and become flabby nor neglect my health and become sick. I decide to fast and pray for my husband, children and other members of the family atleast once a week.

 6. I DECIDE to treat my husband with reverence. I will not disrespect him. I will not degrade him  before others, nor expose his shortcomings.

 7. I DECIDE to maintain the house clean and tidy all the days of the year. I won’t consider it a waste to run round the house half an hour everyday setting things right. I won’t dump the clothes. I will not mess up the shelves. I will keep the house attractive. I will be hospitable to guests. I won’t show them an unhappy face though worn out and tired. I will embrace every opportunity to speak about the Lord.

 8. I DECIDE to save a small amount every month. I will avoid going into debts. I will not waste the money that my husband entrusts me with. I will not be stingy but give liberally to the poor, within my means.

 9. I DECIDE to make friends with the non-christian neighbours. I will send them some goodies, visit them, take part whenever possible in their joys and sorrows, invite their children home and so on. I will not straight away criticise or condemn their superstitious customs but pray for them and witness to them lovingly. I decide to ask the name of our postman, milkman, vendors, beggars, telephone repairer, newspaper boy, etc., to establish a personal contact for the Gospel sake.

 10. I DECIDE to be careful not to speak ill of a third person whenever I get together with other  women. I will control myself from enquiring about the bad things of a person, rather make a conscious effort to speak good of other women. I will learn that tongue-control is perfection.

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Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 10545849472
Bank - State Bank of India
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A/c NAME - T. Prince Stachys Ravindran
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