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Women Who Win

Decisions of a Daughter

1. I DECIDE to honour my parents. I will not insult them by my words or deeds. I will apologise to them if I insult them in an angry mood. I will thank them for the daily food, clothing, education, etc., now and then. I will do something nice on Mother’s Day (Second Sunday of May) to make her happy, to show my gratitude for all she has done to me. I will show my appreciation for my Daddy on Father’s Day (Second Sunday of June) every year. I will remember to greet them on their Birthdays. I will not speak ill of my parents to others. I will love them both equally and not take sides.

 2. I DECIDE to obey my parents. Though I get irritated whenever they tell me to do this or not to do that, I will tell myself that this discipline is important for my future. I will not delay obedience till they remind me. I will understand what they expect of me and do it before they tell me to. I will long for and strive towards the day when they will heartily say, “This is our beloved daughter in whom we are well pleased.” I will not obey if they ever make sinful demands. I will be assertive without being aggressive. I will not deceive my parents nor tell lies. I will seek their help in difficult situations.

  3. I DECIDE to help my parents. I will rise up not later than six and prepare coffee for all at home andwash dishes. I will not leave my coffee cup on the dining table or elsewhere but wash it and keep it on the shelf. I will not waste food. I will wash my plate and glass after each meal and leave the table clean. I will keep my room clean and neat. I will not leave the tooth paste tube open or dirty clothes hanging in the bathroom. I will throw trash only in the trash-basket.

4. I DECIDE to forgive my parents when they make mistakes. I understand they can’t be perfect. I will also make mistakes when I become a mother. So I forgive them wholeheartedly whether they deserve it or not. Though not for their sakes, I forgive that my heart may be light and free of bitterness. I will charge them never again of their failures.

  5. I DECIDE to control my temper, whenever I get angry with my parents. I will first pray, then cool down and then request my parents time to talk to them about it. I will plan what to tell them and express my anger s soft as possible. I will try to see their point of view also and be ready to accept it if that’s reasonable.

 6. I DECIDE to be friendly with my brothers and sisters. I will be the first to give up if a fight arises. I will not use their things unless they permit me. I will help them whenever possible. I will try my best to preserve unity. I will not consider them my rivals rather will appreciate and encourage them. Even after marriage I will correspond with them, visit them and maintain cordial relationship. I will also keep in touch with the extended family as far as possible.

 7. I DECIDE to be so regular to keep my quiet time that there will be no need for my parents to remind me. I will not miss Sunday worship services except in an impossible situation. I will not fall in love before the age of twentytwo and let my spiritual and academic life rot. After twentytwo I will, with my parents’ help and God’s guidance, prayerfully select my life partner. I decide not to watch TV indiscriminately. I will not let TV hinder my spiritual growth, academic performance or physical well-being.

 8. I DECIDE as a married daughter to write regularly to my parents lovingly. I will not write to them complaints about my husband or in laws, unless critical. I will not  let my parents interfere in my family life. I will visit them and encourage my children to love and respect them. I will not for silly reasons leave my husband and go to be with my parents. I will not be a burden to my old parents. I will help them in their old age to the best of my ability.

 9. I DECIDE to be kind to my grandparents. I will love them and be gentle to them and help them whenever possible. I will not get angry with them when they irritate me and try to take it light. I will conduct myself in such a way that they will be proud of me and consider me their crown. I will never forget to greet them on their Birthdays. If I am away I will write endearing letters atleast twice a year and definitely send them Christmas greetings.

10. I DECIDE to cooperate with the world community to preserve the eco system by minimising the use of electricity, paper, water, fuel, polythene bags, etc. I will make use of the nearest recycling plant. I will walk or cycle wherever I can instead of using a two-wheeler. I will not demand my parents to buy me a vehicle when I can go by public transport as it is good for the atmosphere as also for my health and future. I will grow atleast one tree in our garden or neighbourhood.

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Blessing Youth Mission

Home & NRE donors

Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 10545849472
Bank - State Bank of India
Branch Name - Siruthozhil,Vellore
Branch Code - 007274
IFSC No - SBIN0007274
MICR Code - 632002012

Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 420010000482
Bank - Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch Name - Kalinjur
Branch Code - 008770
IFSC Code - KKBK0008770
MICR Code - NA

Overseas Donors

Name - Blessing Youth Mission
A/c No. - 1074703964
Bank - Central Bank of India
Branch Name - Vellore
IFSC No - CBIN0280887
MICR Code - 000016000

Gulf Donors

A/c NAME - T. Prince Stachys Ravindran
A.c No - 35374362080
Bank - State Bank of India
Branch Name: Siruthozhil, Vellore
IFSC No: SBIN0007274